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"A new leading class for the South Side of the Mediterranean"

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Rondine proposes for the South Mediterranean Countries its original training method, centered on the coexistence of young people from different cultures and countries in conflict, which for fifteen years has brought to its International Hall of Residence students from over twenty nationalities from all over the world.

A contribution so that the young professionals that emerge from the countries of the south side of the Mediterranean can forge new relationships with the peoples of the northern countries for a deep mutual understanding, without prejudices, able to generate trust and to open up new collaborations, so as to implement significant processes of change and development on both sides.


Participants and stages:

·        Fifteen young people every year, coming from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

·        A six-month training course, replicated for three consecutive years, from July to December of each year.

Participants will take part in Rondine's intercultural and interreligious project with an individual course focusing on conflict management and leadership running in parallel to the three-month intensive course of Italian language and culture. At the end of this stage, students will continue their training in the social, political and cultural reality of the region of Trentino, at the Training Center for International Cooperation of Trento. This way, they will learn methods for local government management, with particular attention paid to the principles of bureaucratic efficiency, business management and human resources.


During the course of the program the realization of seminars and international forums is scheduled with civil, cultural and religious institutions from Europe and the Arab world playing a central role. Different speakers from Italian and European academic centres will be involved in the seminars and, together with representatives of various religious institutions, will debate with speakers from the Arab world.


To get more information and participate in the program please write to:  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.