We choose young people who reject war to become tomorrow's leaders

Who we are

The Association Rondine Cittadella della Pace plays an active role in promoting a culture of dialogue and peace, with the International Student Hall acting as its focal point.  Located in the medieval village of Rondine (Arezzo), the International Student Hall is a residence for students from countries in conflict, such as the Balkans, the Caucasus region, the Middle East and Africa.  Here students thrive and enjoy a unique life experience of living together while participating in training and study. Once the project youths have completed their course of studies (a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree) they will return to their countries of origin.  To their professional and civilian lives, they will take with them the skills, knowledge and commitment to find real possibilities for dialogue and a peaceful coexistence.

All artistic, cultural and spiritual activities which are promoted at the Cittadella are interwoven within the training of the young people at the International Student Hall.  This makes Rondine a permanent "European School of Peace" which is open to everyone.  The activities are divided into diverse forms and given at different times to allow maximum participation.                                                                 

In November 2007, a new foundation, Fondazione di Comunità per Rondine, was created to support the Association, in order to give strength and stability to the projects of the International Student Hall.


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