We choose young people who reject war to become tomorrow's leaders


Universities are directly involved with Rondine’s projects. The young people who reside at the Rondine International Residence Hall are students who were selected through their home universities and are currently enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at Italian universities.

Universities are the customary means for extending Rondine’s projects, both within the countries of origin of selected students and within Italy and Europe. The goal is always focused toward building a culture of peace.

After a selection process, which begins in October and ends in March of each year, the Association offers scholarships to selected university students between the ages of 19 and 27. These scholarships are for enrollment in studies toward a Three year undergraduate degree or a First Level Masterdegree at an Italian public university. These universities are located in Florence, Siena, Perugia, Rome, Bologna, Pisa or in other Italian cities.

The selected academic program does not require full time university attendance. This enables young people to also participate in the Association’s educational activities.

The students, most of whom do not have previous knowledge of the Italian language, enroll in college courses after completing an intensive course of Italian language and culture, which is held by the Association at the International Hall of Residence, Rondine.

Per informazioni sul processo di selezione si rinvia alla sezione del sito: Open call for new students! Informazioni sul sistema universitario italiano si trovano al sito www.study-in-italy.it

For information about the selection process, please refer to the section: Open call for new students. Information regarding the Italian university system can be found at www.study-in-italy.it

Many years of inter-university project experience has established a systematic collation between Rondine and the academic world. This has resulted in the creation of strong relationships between Rondine and universities in the continents of Asia, North America, Africa and Europe.

Here is a listing of results:

* Sharing of practical experiences between Rondine and university, which are experts in issues of conflict resolution, to create a collection of best practices;

* Promotion of the mobility of young students and professors, who have different backgrounds, historical, cultural and religious outlooks, enabling them to have the opportunity to participate in European inter-university projects.

* Strengthening of networks and links between partner universities in order to foster inter-university cooperation and the establishment of permanent networks.

Over the years the Association has developed working relationships with the following Italian universities:

* University of Aquila

* University of Catania

* University of Firenze

* University of Milano (Bocconi)

* University of Milano (Cattolica)

* University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

* University of Napoli (Federico II)

* University of Pavia

* University of Perugia

* University for Foreigners at Perugia

* University of Pisa

* San’Anna High School in Pisa

* University of Rome (Luiss)

* University of Rome (Roma Tre)

* University of Rome (Tor Vergata)

* University of Sienna

* University for Foreigners at Siena

* University of Torino

* University of Trento

* University of Udine

* University of Urbino

* University of Venice (Ca Foscari)


Listed below are foreign universities with which Rondine has collaborated or has entered into agreements of understanding and cooperation:


* Abkhazian State University

* American University in Kosovo

* American University of Science and Technology

* Arab American University

* Baku State University

* Ben Gurion University, Be’er Sheva

* Bethlehem University, Department of Religious Studies and Business Studies

* Birzeit University

* Chechen State University 

* David Guramishvili Georgian International University 

* Haifa University, Faculty of Education

* Ilia Chavchavadze State University 

* Ingush State University 

* International School of Haifa University

* Kosovo, University of Pristine

* Lebanese American University

* Makeni University – Sierra Leone, Dep. of  Peace and Conflict Studies

* Mar Elias University, Department Communication Studies, Israel

* Moscow State University

* North Ossetian State University, Vladikavkaz

* Notre Dame University, Beirut

* Oklahoma University in Arezzo

* Rochester University, Arts Faculty, Institute for Non Violence 

* Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan

* Sokhumi State University

* Southern Federal University, Rostov on Don, Russian Federation

* Tbilisi State University, Georgia

* Technical University of Georgia 

* Tel Aviv University

* The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

* Ulster University, School of History and International Affairs

* Union of Faculties of South Eastern Europe, Novi Sad, Nis

* Université Galatasaray de Istanbul

* Université La Sagesse, Beirut

* Université Libanaise

* Université Saint Esprit de Kaslik, Beirut

* Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut

* University of Balgrade

* University of Banja Luka

* University of Belgrade

* University of Jordan, Faculty of International Affairs

* University of Novi Sad

* University of Sarajevo

* University of Tuzla

* University of Zenica

* Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valery Brusov

* Yerevan State University

* Zayed University, U.A.E.


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