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Last Updated on Friday, 29 September 2017 19:43
Published on Friday, 20 January 2012 16:21

The Project "Ventidipacesucaucaso" (Winds of Peace over Caucasus) came into being after a long and established relationship between Rondine and Caucasus. From its inception, the International Residence Hall has hosted young people from the Caucasus region.  A profitable network of relationships has now been woven with countries in this area.

In August 2008, a war erupted in Caucasus, with involvement of Georgia and Russia. This brought about an immediate reaction by the students residing at the International Residence Hall.  “Il Caucaso è qui” ("Caucasus is Here”) was organized.  One day was set aside in the small Tuscan village of Rondine and participants were invited to view presentations in order to better understand the customs and traditions of the people of Caucasus.

In 2009, wishing to do something concrete and lasting, students, working along side of experts, helped draw up the draft document “Documento in 14 punti per la pace nel Caucaso” (“14 Points for Peace in Caucasus”).  The document contained 14 proactive proposals in social, economic, academic and cultural areas.

In May 2009 Rondine organized the first “Conferenza internazionale dei popoli del Caucaso”("International Conference of the People of Caucasus") at La Verna Sanctuary, situated in the center of the Tuscan Apennines.  The conference was attended by over 150 people from the Caucasus region and from other parts of the world. A revised peace document was drawn up and approved unanimously.  Later, this document would be officially presented to heads of state, government, religious and civilian leaders.

During the last weeks of July 2010, an important trip took place:  Viaggio di amicizia in Caucaso del Sud e Turchia (Friendship Trip).  A large delegation from Rondine traveled to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and the self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia ( not recognized as such by Tbilisi and the international community). The envoys from Rondine crossed four borders, visited ten universities and dozens of international organizations.  In addition, they met with twelve college and five religious representatives. All were given a copy of the document “14 Points for Peace in Caucasus”.

Due to the project’s nature and purpose, Ventidipacesucaucaso wanted to put forth its first phase of the project to European leaderships. The “14 Points for Peace in Caucasus”document was presented in Brussels and in February 2011 a group of European parliamentarians were invited to visit Rondine. There was hope that each of the European Parliaments would pass a resolution based upon this document.

The 2010 Friendship Trip to Southern Caucasus and Turkey formed new relationships and contributed to the emergence of many new projects. One project, through the international campus of "Building Bridges," was held at Rondine during July 18-31, 2011. It involved twenty young Abkhazians, twenty Georgians, ten Italians from universities and student organizations and twenty students from the International Student Hall. It was a rare opportunity, where young people from both sides of the Engure River could meet in the aftermath of the August 2008 conflict.

The implementation of the initiative, which was implemented by COBERM (Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism), took place in the spirit of sharing and in the name of spreading a culture of peace.  COBERM is funded by the European Union and managed by 'UNDP (United Nations Development Program).

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