Rondine’s Structure

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Published on Friday, 20 January 2012 15:37

Rondine’s Corporate


Rondine is a world which brings with it the richness of so many different worlds:

·          The Association, Associazione Rondine Cittadella della Pace, was founded in 1997 and is chaired by Franco Vaccari.

·            The Foundation, Fondazione di Comunità per Rondine, was created in 2009 and is chaired by Franco Bernardini. It is a patronage intended to guarantee the Cittadella della Pace stays strong and gains strength, with stability to provide experiences into the future.

·            The Association, L'Associazione Imprenditori per la Pace, is headed by Valentino Mercati (owner of Aboca, retailer of plant and herbal medicines).  It is made up of dozens of industrialists, merchants, craftsmen and public officials who wish to support its activities. L'Associazione Imprenditori per la Pace will only accept members who do not support the arms trade, the business of war nor do they violate laws in the area of human rights and environmental issues.

·            La Lega delle Rondini d'Oro, was organized in 2009 and is chaired by Russian Sergey Orlov, one of the first students of Rondine.  It reunites over eighty alumni students who have resided at the International Student Residence Hall. These students have returned to their countries of origin and pursued high visibility careers, in the academic, institutional and business.  They have taken on the responsibility of carrying a message of dialogue and reconciliation.

·            The Cooperativa Sociale Rondine Servizi-S.c.r.l. Onlus, is a non-profit, headed by Roberto Poledrini.


The presidents:

  Franco Vaccari

                                                                                                      President of the Associazione Rondine Cittadella  della   Pace onlus


   Franco Bernardini

                                                                                                         President of the Fondazione di comunità per Rondine

   Sergey Orlov

                                                                                                         President of the Lega delle Rondini d'Oro

  Valentino Mercati

                                                                                                        President of the Associazione Imprenditori per la Pace


  Roberto Poledrini

                                                                                              President of the Cooperativa Sociale Rondine Servizi - S.c.r.l.