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The Pope meets the students of Rondine

Another big emotion for Rondine and for the youngsters of the International Hall of residence. At the end of his visit to Arezzo, after having blessed the crowd of believers from the window of the Bishop's house, the Pope met the president of Rondine, Franco Vaccari and the students, greeting them together with the Bishop of Arezzo-Cortona-Sansepolcro, monsignor Riccardo Fontana.
A short but meaningful meeting, under a grey and rainy sky that did not dull the enthusiasm of those attending the event.
The Pope blessed the students and the President who gave him a reproduction of the symbol of the association, the swallow. The reproduction was accompanied by a plaque with a message, written in German: " In Rondine, stigmata turn hate and violence in the historic strength of friendship". The reproduction was realized by a craftsman, Alano Mafucci; in the same box a Franciscan cord was put, as a symbol of the association roots.
By Clara della Valle, translated by Valentina Giommoni

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