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Prato welcomes two new 'Rondine d'Oro': Akaki and Ruslan


On Friday May 4th, during the fund-raising dinner in the city of Prato (as a part of this year's festival “Piazze di Maggio”), the League of the “Rondini d'Oro” has grown with two new members. Despite their common origins, they are in fact both from the Caucasus, the new “Rondini d'Oro” completed two different training courses during their stay in Rondine: Ruslan, from Ingushetia, completed a Master's Programme in Cooperation and Sustainable development at the University of Rome La Sapienza; while Akaki, Georgian, achieved a Master's degree in Human Resources Development and Management of Banking and Insurance Agencies at the University of Florence. Akaki and Ruslan thanked Rondine for giving them the opportunity to attend the training program and especially thanked the rest of the students, from whom they admitted to learn a lot professionally, but also on a personal level. At the end of the ceremony, unexpectedly, Akaki decided to break the tradition  (in which the President, along with the Director of the International Hall of Residence, are the ones to deliver the golden pin) and asked to receive the award from Kan, his Abkhaz "enemy".

(The picture above shows a group of Rondine students, during the dinner in Prato: sitting in the middle, Akaki on the left, and Ruslan, on the right)

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