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Franco Vaccari meets calabrese young franciscans


After one year passed together, on Wednesday 25th April,  the youngster of GiFra, Frati Minori of Calabria met Franco Vaccari, Rondine’s chairman. The name of this event was “At the Spirit’s rhythm”.  At this party took part 200 boys from 16 until 30 years old. The party was in Rizziconi at “Nazareth’Home”, 80 km far from Reggio Calabria. Franco Vaccari said: “I met a lot of people full of faith and hope, they were joyful and very interested”. “ With them” continues Vaccari “ a group of Franciscans welcomed me in a great way”. During the meeting has born a good relationship so they decide to come in Rondine during the Franciscan’s walk on 31th July. The youngsters has also proposed to Franco Vaccari to value the possibility for two boys from Calabria to live the experience of the International Hall of Residence. Caterina Roti

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