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A meeting in Vittorio Veneto about North Caucasus

A meeting with 'World in walking' association in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) to talk about the meaning to be a volunteer in the North Caucasus. There is Massimo Ceresa, head of the Association and the author of ”Dania and the snow”, a good book about the horror of the war in Cecenia. There are also Tamara and Ruslan, two students of International Hall of Residence coming from Ossetia and Ignuscezia. With them there is Mauro D’Andrea, head of the International relations office of Rondine, he explained the experience and the mission of Rondine.

The International Hall of Residence was born there, between Moscow and Cecenia in 1995 during the war between Cecenia, fighting for her independence, and Russia. The Association was involved and known as friend of the both. In this occasion started important relationships: two years later five students from Russia and Cecenia arrived in Arezzo to live together. The people which take part at the meeting care Caucasus for different reasons but each one share the will to organize a travel  in order to help society. Tamara and Ruslan tell their own story and the story of the countries where they come from. They use photos, geographic maps to catch the attention of the other volunteers.

They suggest some questions: What else can we do? What propose to the local institutions? Where do we go? One of the aspect of the meeting is to understand the reasons why of the conflict, so two young students are considered “enemies”. On the other hand we discuss about Caucasus, its cultural and linguistic traditions. We can’t say if volunteers are satisfied about this meeting but we are sure that it has been a good occasion to share different and deep life’s experience. We reflect about themes that sometimes we forget their importance.

Edited by Mauro d'Andrea
Head of the International relations office of Rondine

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