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'Piazze di Maggio' with 'Dissonances in Accord': soon in Prato

A lot of sounds create music of peace. “Dissonances in accord” is the 'Piazze di Maggio' edition for the 2012. The event will take place in Prato on Friday 4th and on Saturday 5th, there will be meeting in the schools, stands and a big conclusive concert in Duomo square.

On Monday morning has been the presentation “Our experience talks about different stories” has explained Franco Vaccari, the founder and president of the Rondine Association. The promoters of the event are: Diocese, Pamat, in cooperation with Lions Club Prato Host, Rotary Club Filippo Lippi, 100% scout and S. Anna Christian Community.

“When he asked about it we immediately accepted” said Gastone Simoni bishop “ I know Franco from many years, I care his task to promote the friendship between people from different countries”.

The friendship with Prato’s Church is confirmed by the choice to celebrate with us the youth’s day, an important event that happens in Prato every year. A lot of stories will arrive in Prato for this event: the one of Elmira, a girl from Azerbajan which in International Hall of Residence has known a boy from Armenia. In their countries they are enemies but in Rondine they are become friends. “I knew Rondine in an edition of Squares on May, this experience has changed my life in a radical way” tells Elmira “ now I can look a boy from Armenia into his eyes, I learnt to forgive, I learnt to see over the differences”.

This and other stories will be reported during the meetings in the high school. On the morning of 5th May, Copernico high school has organized a special meeting with all the students in order to talk with youngster of the International Hall of Residence. On Friday 4th May there will be meetings in the schools. At 20:30 fun raising dinner to the International Hall of Residence activities. The dinner will take place at the Provincial Command of Firemen in Paronese road. In the evening, at 21:15 will be a prayer for the youngster in Saint Mary of the Jails Church. On Saturday 5th May will continue in the morning the meetings in the schools, in the afternoon, from 16:00, will be a concert in Saint Francis square. This is organized by the boys of the Youth Pastoral. At 17:00 will speak Franco Vaccari and two young students of the International Hall of Residence. At 17:30, in Duomo Square, will be “Wall fame”. Everybody can take a photo and put it inside a long coloured strip. At 18:30 bishop Gastone Simoni will celebrate the Holy Mass in the Saint Mary of the Jails Church. At 21:30 big concert in Duomo Square with an ensemble of twelve instruments. There will be music about conflicts and war associated with spectacular video performances projected on Prato’s Cathedral.

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