We choose young people who reject war to become tomorrow's leaders

“To understand conflicts, to practise peace”: meeting in Trento


“To understand conflicts, to practise peace”: this is the name of the project realized by the “Rondine Cittadella’ s Peace Association in cooperation with Independent Province of Trento; the public meeting will be on Thursday 19th at 10:30, in the Representation Hall of the municipal palace in Trento. At the meeting will be Alessandro Andreatta, the Trento’s mayor, Marco Depaoli, the assistant president of the Independent Region Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol, father Rodolfo Pizzolli, Social Pastoral delegate, Environment and Tourism for the Archdiocese of Trento and the President and Founder of Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Franco Vaccari. They will bring their testimony about the experience with the young people from the International Hall of Residence and with some youngsters of the participants schools.

The project involved more than 400 students coming from different high schools from each part of Italy, with the young people of the International Campus of Rondine. An experience in order to form and instruct which had a big value: the students of Cittadella della Pace in fact come from countries in war, (South Caucasus, Middle East, West part of Balkans, India, Russia, Africa) they have different cultures and traditions and they live together, they study together in Rondine (non far from Arezzo, in the Tuscany).

Structured in three times, from march to april, this project cross over Trentino, this is a wonderful experience: from the “testimony of “war put in a museum” which will permit to the young to know the history of a region where lives a strong democracy.

The students can visit important places of the First World War: the museum of war in Rovereto, the area of Matassone and Vallarsa where people fought, Forte Belvedere, a place where you can think about the war  cause it offers a lot of suggestions. In Piedicastello (Trento) they visited the exhibition of the Italian soldiers in Russia. The Rovereto Bell,  Maria Dolens, was built at the end of the Big War on Miravalle hill. This is an important symbol against the war, its aim is to bring peace, freedom and brotherhood. Every evening this message is remembered with one hundred  strokes.

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