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New call for candidates to participate in the International Student Hall of Residence,

Rondine Cittadella della Pace

The Association "Rondine Cittadella della Pace" has been active in the promotion of the culture of peace since 1997. The main activities of the Association are concentrated in the management of the International Hall of Residence. Here the students, coming from the opposing sides of conflict, live and study side by side in a project of dialogue and peaceful coexistence. They follow undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at university take part in the educational activities and return to their home countries to embark on high visibility academic, institutional or industrial careers, furthering the cause of dialogue and reconciliation.

The Association's mission statement can be summed up as follows: promoting conflict resolution through the experiences of young people who are able to uncover a real person within their enemy.

The International Hall of Residence houses about 30 students (between the ages of 19 and 26) of different cultures and coming from countries in conflict, particularly from: the Russian Federation, paying special attention to the autonomous republics of Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia; the Southern Caucasus: Georgia (including the region of Abkhazia which proclaimed itself independent); Armenia, Azerbaijan; the Middle East: Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon; the Balkans: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia; India, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Rwanda.

Every year students are selected according to those places available respecting the equal representation of all countries. Please consider that the selection is valid for 2 years.


Current calls for application:


Rondine's program:


Israel (MA programs) deadline 25th January 2015  Download application form


South Caucasus (MA programs) deadline 1st March 2015  Download application form


Russian Federation (MA programs) deadline 15th March 2015   Download application form


Students admitted are recommended to arrive in Rondine on 30th June 2014 for a three months trial period. Master courses generally begin between October 2014 and February 2014 depending on different Universities academic year calendars. Examples of eligible fields of studies are: Social Studies (e.g. Economics, Psychology, International Relations), Humanities (e.g. History, Education, Literatures, Communication), Architecture, Agrarian studies. The only excluded Faculties are Law, Engineering and Medicine.




For any information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Past calls for application:


Lebanon (BA and MA programs) deadline 15th January 2014   Download application form



Sudan (MA programs) deadline 31st January 2014   Download application form


Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan (MA programs) deadline 31st January 2014  Download application form


Israel and Palestine (BA and MA programs) deadline31st January 2014  Download application form


Russian Federation (BA and MA programs) deadline 15rd March 2014   Download application form

Российская Федерация ( программы бакалавриата и магистратуры)  
предельный срок   15  марта 2014 ( РусDownload application form


Rondine's full scolarship for Balcan musicians


Scholarship for a 1-year unique program in the International Hall of Residence (violin, viola, cello)
starting the 30th June 2014.
The musicians (violin, viola, cello) need to have graduated from their national academies and must
be less than 28 years old.

The deadline to send application expires the 4th May 2014 Download application form


South Side Workshop

The 3rd Cycle of the project “A new leading class for the South Mediterranean Countries” consist this year of a two week residential workshop on Mediterranean studies, plus a distance learning phase. In particular the program consists of a 2 weeks training course, from 20th October (arrival 19th October) to 31st October (leaving 1st November) parallel and integrated with that of the International Hall of Residence, targeting young people coming from MENA countries.

Download application form


Tra-mare incontri

The program consists of a 2 weeks training course, from 20th October (arrival 19th October) to 31st October (leaving 1st November) parallel and integrated with that of the International Hall of Residence, targeting young people coming from MENA countries.The general aim of the project is therefore to increase awareness, and provide knowledge and tools to help the young generations in understanding the ongoing processes of cultural, economic and political change.


Download application form






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