What is Rondine?

The association "Rondine Cittadella della Pace" is an international organization that exists since 1997 in order to promote dialogue and conflict resolution on different levels: interpersonal, political, and international.

Our work involves specifically the youth, organizes projects that facilitate confrontation, dialogue and education on various levels to promote social change.

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    Projects of social and environmental sustainability

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The World House is the core project of Rondine and it hosts young professionals that come from countries in conflict or post-conflicts situations, that belong to different cultures, and that accept to live together with their own "enemy" in order to learn how to face the internal conflict and turn it into an opportunity for change. The World House is an international experience of civic commitment that lasts two years. During this time the participants can experiment innovation through conviviality, daily activities, non formal and formal education. The World House is where participants deconstruct the idea of the enemy,

develop constructive relationships with other participants, learn to confront other cultures and points of view. It is also a place where they collaborate on the promotion of peace building, consciously preparing to be leaders in contexts of rapid transformation, deep changes, and intense conflict situation. During this experience, the participants are expected to develop concrete social, political and economic projects that create social impact in the world. World House is a place that spreads awareness through actions and propagates the mission of the Association.

Who we are looking for?

Do you want to learn more about your internal, interpersonal and international conflicts?


Are you willing to put yourself out there, listen to the others, and work in a group?


Do you want to deepen your knowledge on topics of global sustainability such as climate change, cooperation, welfare and human rights?


Are you willing to testify your experience and talk about it in public?

Are you willing to cohabitate with other young adults from other religions and cultures?


Are you willing to realize your project, create social change, help your country in conflict resolution?


What do we do in Rondine?

    Everyday life:
  • Sharing and confrontation in daily life represent the most important elements of Rondine experience. Continuously being in contact with other participants that belong to different realties of conflict, culture, experience and emotional background, is a unique occasion to get to know different points of view.
    The interpersonal relationship established in daily life is the key to overcoming a conflict. Other important factors are listening to the other, comprehension, dialogue and sharing. The cohabitation is a process that over time leads to deconstruction of the idea of the enemy and recognition of a person in the other.
    High level training:
  • Additionally, the participants receive high level training, proposed by Rondine’s team, on the specific topics of conflict management and communication abilities and methodologies. These serve as indispensable tools and knowledge for the development of self- awareness and of the world while also constructing concrete opportunities to make an impact in their societies of origin.
    Formal education:
  • The third part of the trajectory is a professional and academic specialization, which includes the participation in a master course or other school of high professionalization to prepare for the work life with more sensibility and orientation to social change.

After having completed the program in Rondine, the participants of the World House return back to their countries of origin ready to act in relevant socio-cultural contexts side by side and helped by the Golden Swallows League (Lega delle Rondini d'Oro), the network of Rondine’s alumni. The League supports the alumni in realizing projects of cooperation and development, targeting peace building.

Why we chose Rondine?

Kan, Temur, Daut, Abkhasians

Maria, Armenian

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